Mamonde Pure Lip Color Lib Balm

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Color lip balm that makes the lips as soft as petals by combining hydrating vanilla care ingredients and beautiful colors and putting them into a stick container

Vanilla care ingredient moisturizes the lips without drying it out

Lip care ingredient extracted from vanilla provides the lips with rich hydration and nourishment without stickiness to hydrated lips

Color inside a balm! Lip care and color all at once

Clear, vivid color inside a stick balm so you can easily create the look of beautiful, glossy lips with just a single product

Contains ingredients from nature that makes the lips smooth and plump

Nature derived ingredients calm down dead skin cells and improve the condition of the lips to turn them smooth and plump







How to use

1. Click the button at the bottom of the container.

2. Click once to raise the balm by about 0.1 mm.
[Warning] ontent does not retract, so click just enough for each application.

3. Apply smoothly on the lips.

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