Mamonde Vital Vitamin Cream

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  • Mamonde Vital Vitamin Cream
  • Mamonde Vital Vitamin Cream
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Vitamin cream for the skin, containing vitamin capsules that burst and recharge fatigued skin with clean, energizing moisture

Bitter Orange Flower

Contains the secret to recharging moisture found in bitter orange flowers, which are valuable flowers that are extracted on the day they are picked

7-Vitamin Complex

Vitamin complex composed of Bitter Orange Flower extract + 6 vitamins necessary for healthy skin delivers energy to recharge the skin for clearer, more hydrated skin! *Bitter Orange Flower extract + 6 types of pure vitamin/derivatives

Vitamin Capsule for Antioxidation

Capsules containing antioxidizing vitamins, which come in 3 colors, burst to recharge fatigued skin!

Moist & Recharged Moisture Barrier

Hydrating water essence texture lightly spreads over the skin and absorbs without stickiness. A smooth and recharged skin barrier full of moisture is formed!


How to use

In the morning and evening, take out an appropriate amount and gently apply all over the face following the skin texture of the cream step.

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