Primera Baby Mild Foaming Shampoo

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Baby shampoo with mild cleansing ingredients

99.2% natural ingredients formulated with 7-Free system
This mild shampoo relieves itchiness with gentle surfactant and the extract from the inner skin of chestnut, while the mineral ingredients of germinated rye and xylitol protects the skin from pollution and other harmful elements, keeping the baby’s skin clean and hydrated.
* 7-Free system: no ethanol, artificial color, artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral, animal ingredient, or phthalate.

Ocular irritation test (HET-CAM TEST) completed
This mild body wash passed HET-CAM test, alternative test for ocular irritation, and does not sting the eyes.

Citrus, woody natural fragrance
The sweet fragrance of orange was added by herbs like rosemary, peppermint, time, and clove, delivering a natural and refreshing feel.


How to use
Pump a proper amount and generate sufficient foams. Massage and cleanse baby’s hair and wash with clean warm water.
Can be used for adults as well.

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