Primera Essential Massage Cream

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Vitamins from the sunflower bud extract and mineral ingredients revitalize the skin, while the antioxidant effects of organic sunflower seed extract, rich in tocopherol and carotenoid, protects the skin from external environment.

Containing bergamot, mandarin, ilang-ilang, as well as essential oil complex derived from flowers and fruits, this massage cream boosts blood circulation in the skin and brightens the complexion with refreshing and relaxing scent.

The cream’s moisturizing and dense texture spreads softly on the skin without greasiness.


How to use
Put a proper amount on the cheek, around the eyes, forehead, nose, and the chin in the order before thoroughly massaging. Remove the oiliness by pressing softly with a tissue paper. For more refreshing finish, you can lightly wash it off with water.

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