Primera Organience Eye Cream

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Organic sprout extract
Ingredients extracted from organic sprout clarifies and energizes the skin with concentrated nutrition

MMA formula with minimum chemical ingredients
Without using ethanol, paraben, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrance, the Minimum Artificial Additive formula was create for mild and comfortable effects on the skin.

Environmentally-friendly philosophy
We are leading a green beauty life by using ingredients grown in an environmentally-friendly way and recyclable packaging printed with soy ink.

Made with certified organic and pesticide-free produce grown in Korea
-    Black soybean from Cheongju, Chungbuk; black rice from Cheolwon, Gangwondo; mugwort from Ganghwa, Incheon; Houttuyniae Herba from Boseong, Jeonnam
Organic produce: are grown without using any organosynthetic agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer
Pesticide-free produce: are grown without using any organosynthetic agricultural chemicals, and with less than 1/3 of the recommended amount of chemical fertilizer

Nutrition from germinated black rice gives vitality by activating skin metabolism, while mugwort bud enhances the skin’s resistance against stress to create clear and youthful skin.

Organic shea butter, cocoa butter, extra-virgin olive oil hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier for smoother texture of the skin.

Extracts from organic chamomile, lavender, and witch hazel soothes the skin and boosts blood circulation to clarify the skin around the eyes.


How to use
Day and night, after using serum, put a proper amount around the eyes and on the eyelids and pat gently.

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