Primera Smooth Cleansing Cream

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Cleansing Cream that cleanly dissolves skin wastes as well as makeup

This cleansing cream can be used to gently cleanse your face without stickiness, allowing your skin to breathe.

Grape leaf extracts offer vitality and energy to exhausted skin caused by makeup or stress and increase moisture after washing. Cotton extracts provide full vitality to the damaged skin caused by repetitive washing.

This product contains intense moisturizing ingredient to prevent excessive oil loss after washing.

Broccoli Extract: purifying skin, moisturizing
Bead Tree: Anti-pollution
Red Grape Vine: giving vitality and moisture to the skin


How to use
Apply the proper amount of the cream on the entire face and massage it. Wash off with lukewarm water without wiping with tissue papers. Then, use the cleansing foam.

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