Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Eye Serum

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A brightening eye serum removes dullness around the eyeareas with its refreshing gel texture and cooling metalapplicator.

Improving dry and dull skin around your eyes
The Honeysuckle flower extract maintain your skin’s delicate moisture balance, while White Cloud Grass improves the dullness of the skin tone around your eyes.
[Whitening Cosmetics]

A truly cooling massage from the ZAMAK applicator
The ZAMAK applicator helps cool down and brighten the dull skin around your eyes.

A cooling gel-type texture
The richly moisturizing gel-type texture helps hydrate the dry and thin skin around your eyes.


How to use
Use after emulsion day and night.
Use the tip of your finger to gently apply a moderate amount around your eyes. Use the cooling ZAMAK applicator to massage the skin around your eyes for better blood circulation.

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