Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Invigorating Sleeping Mask

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The premium total anti-aging sleeping mask formulated with highly concentrated Upright Korean Red Pine with the vitality

Red Treasure™, the ultimate anti-aging solution

Red Pine is known for its strong, vitalizing energy.
Focusing on the powers of Red Pine, Sulwhasoo developed its exclusive Red Treasure™ substance, which involves condensing Red Pine extracts 66 times*.
Red Treasure™ represents another remarkable achievement by Sulwhasoo in the field of anti-aging solutions.
*Compared to Timetreasure ingredients in 2012


Anti-aging efficacies and the dense texture of Red Treasure™

Sulwhasoo helps reinforce your skin's resiliency with its exclusive Red Treasure™ formulation.
It delivers firmer looking skin due to its outstanding skin-lifting benefits.
Red Treasure™ moisturizes dry skin, and leaves a matte finish.

A relaxing fragrance

Relaxing and comforting scent of the Mask will make your ritual even more luxurious.

Brush with a delicate touch

The Timetreasure Invigorating Sleeping Mask comes with a dedicated brush for delicate and precise applications on your neck, chin/jawline, and lips.
When using the Brush, the ingredients are absorbed into your skin quickly, thus improving absorption.

Capacity: 80ml

How to Use

At the last stage of your skincare routine in the evening, dispense an appropriate amount on the back of your hand, then apply the formula across your entire face, excluding the eyes, with a brush dedicated specifically to the Timetreasure Invigorating Sleeping Mask.

Step 1.

Dispense as appropriate amount onto the back of your hand.
Use the included Timetreasure Invigorating Brush (section without the bristles) when dispensing the formula onto your hand.

Step 2.

Then, apply 1/2 of the contents you have dispense on to the back of your hand on the Brush.
Apply the formula on one side of your face with a side-to-side sweeping motion.
Make sure to spread the formula evenly across your check, forehead, and chin/jawline.
Follow the same instructions for the other side of your face.

Step 3.

Using the tip the Brush, apply the formula meticulously to your nose and mouth.
Next, use the wide surface of the Brush to sweep gently up-down and down-up along the contours of your face to help the formula dissolve quickly in to your skin.

Step 4.

Apply the remaining content on the brush with a sweeping motion up-down along the chin/jawline and neckline.
Finish by massaging any residuals into back of your hand.

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