Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

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Product Features

It is a ‘moisturizing bomb eye balm’ that provides explosive moisture and elasticity to the skin around the eyes, which is easily dry and wrinkled. It contains comfrey leaf, the core ingredient of belif's best-selling moisturizing bomb cream, and herbal penny wort to increase elasticity. Keep the skin around the eyes moist and elastic with moisturizing bomb eye balm that has been tested for '26-hour moisturizing lasting' and 'triple elasticity improvement (skin elasticity/skin elasticity/skin elasticity restoration power)'.
*For 23 women, '26 hours of moisturizing' and 'triple elasticity improvement after 4 weeks of use'
Evaluation/evaluation agency: PNK Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.

additive-free ingredients

Mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic organic pigment, animal-derived ingredients

Capacity: 25ml

How to Use

After using essence or moisturizer, take an appropriate amount and gently apply it around the eyes using your fourth finger, then tap it lightly for absorption.

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