CNP Propolis Ampule In Cushion

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Like applying a bottle of propolis ampoule, put the energy of the ampoule in a cushion. A radiant cover cushion that sticks for a long time without darkening.

The propolis found in the honeycomb is put in a cushion to give energy to the skin, and the 99.9% gold subtle light scattering closes the skin, and the triple cover effect completely covers the defects.

15 g


no.21 Light Beige
no.23 Natural Beige

Skin proposed

1) Skin that wants light and brilliance
2) Skin requiring flaw cover
3) Lightly adhered skin that wants long-lasting makeup without darkening
4) Skin that wants moisturizing and nourishing care at once
5) Skin that needs vitality and energy

How to use

Take an appropriate amount using the built-in puff, then tap lightly. After applying basic makeup or applying it while carrying it, you can keep your skin moist and clean for a long time.

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