CNP Vita Solution Ampule Mask

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A vitality mask that gives a pink vitality to tired skin with a formula containing vitamin B complex.

It is a two-step mask that provides clear radiance and moisturizing energy to the skin with a moisture vitality solution and gives clear radiance and moisturizing energy to the dry and dull skin.


Skin proposed

1) All skin
2) Skin that wants vitality

How to use

1) After washing, open the STEP 01 Vita Solution Ampoule and spread it evenly on your face and pat lightly to penetrate the skin.
2) STEP 02 Remove the Vita Solution ampoule mask, spread it out, and apply it evenly over the entire face.
3) Absorb about 15~20 minutes
4) Lightly tap and absorb the remaining contents on the skin. 4) Lightly tap the remaining contents on the skin for absorption.
TIP. Use it once or twice a week.
It is more effective if you use it in the refrigerator.

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