HANYUL Artemisia Mild Cleansing Foam

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A cleansing foam that gently washes away tired skin with a thick and chewy foam containing ARTEMISIA.

Gently cleanses wastes accumulated on the skin with dense and thick mugwort foam

Contains the soothing moisturizing effect of ARTEMISIA, leaving the skin soft and moist without feeling greasy even after washing.

Healthy skin that can fight the external environment by adding the antioxidant energy of ARTEMISIA aged for 3 years

Completed eye irritation replacement test for comfortable use, 4 Free* formula
* Animal raw material, mineral oil, synthetic colorant, sulfate surfactant

Capacity: 150ml

How to use

Take the contents, lather sufficiently in the palm of your hand, and gently rub with your fingertips in a spiral from the inside of the face to the outside, then rinse with water.

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