HERA Age Away Aesthetic BX Water

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Aesthetic water with fruit AHA ingredients that gently dissolves dead skin cells on the skin's surface, increasing the efficiency of the next step in anti-aging.
* Keratin softening steps in home aesthetics

The ‘keratin softening stage’ maximizes the efficacy of the next product.
Inspired from the scaling step, which is the first step in the beauty treatment at professional aesthetic salons, water is used in the first step of using the entire aesthetic line to cleanse the skin.

Contains AHA, a fruit acid that purifies the skin
This is the first of an aesthetic line that uses AHA-containing water to soften and dissolve dead skin cells that have hardened due to aging.

Refreshing and light ‘slim scaling’ texture that is easy to layer with next-level products
The lightweight formulation adheres thinly to the face and facilitates absorption of the next step of skin care.

Capacity: 150ml

How To Use
[Usage] 0.5ml (diameter 2cm)
For basic skin care in the morning and evening, after washing your face, take the contents in the palm of your hand and lightly pat and spread over the entire face.

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