HERA Homme CC Cream (For Men)

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natural as if it were born with inner and outer skin care

Moist feeling of essence effect

CC cream that contains 56% essence and can be used moistly and softly as if applying skin care products.

Natural looking skin expression

It expresses smooth and shiny male skin by covering skin irregularities such as pores and wrinkles, and a dense powder that takes care of pores and sebum keeps the skin soft.

Dual functional multi-care

It is a dual functional product with UV protection (SPF35 / PA++) and whitening, so it can be used easily and conveniently in any environment indoors or outdoors.


1.Natural Beige


2.Dark Beige


Capacity: 50ml

How to use

After using the basic product, take an amount equal to 0.5cm on the back of your hand.
Apply thinly and evenly as if tapping from the inside of the face to the outside in the order of forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin with your fingertips.
After use, be sure to wash your face with a cleansing product.

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