HERA Hydro-Dew Plumping Water Drop

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Daily skin boosting ampoule that contains 1% of AHA to smooth the skin texture and provide clear vitality.

Moisture plumping with synergy of resurrection plant extract and 5-Hyal mixer

A garden with a preserved natural environment, a 5-Hyal mixer that cares for the time of skin hydration with the extract of the resurrection plant grown in Sonyam Garden in France, providing plump skin with moisture

Contains 1% AHA to clean dead skin cells and smooth skin texture

Glycolic acid (glycolic acid), the smallest molecule AHA component, takes care of the outer texture of the stratum corneum up to the 3rd layer of the skin, providing an effect of arranging dead skin cells and taking care of the skin texture without burden on daily basis.

Skin protection effect with microbiome ingredients

The microbiome component obtained by fermenting lactic acid bacteria strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin from irritation.

The powerful antioxidant effect of pomegranate extract

Pomegranate extract containing phytochemical ellagic acid with strong antioxidant effect and various physiologically active ingredients purifies the skin and completes the vital skin base.

Capacity: 50ml

How to Use
At the first step of basic skincare, take an appropriate amount with a dropper and let it absorb evenly on the face along the skin texture.

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