HERA Rouge Classy

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A classic lipstick with sophisticated color and luxurious glow that adheres precisely and comfortably to the lips.

Luxury experienced the moment you apply it
Luxury texture created by the coexistence of breathable comfort and tight adhesion
Luxury Anchor-FitTM technology maintains uniformity for 12 hours* without coloring.

A neat provocation in the delicate details of 10 colors.
Focusing on the essence of color, a clear presence without excessive or artificial expression
A quality that does not collapse from any angle with a three-dimensional interpretation, referring to fashion processing methods.

NEW SEOUL RED color whose very existence is an attitude
A non-artificial red that is elegant yet elegant, embracing and elegance coexist.
Seoul Red removes the cumbersome elements and pursues style rather than flashiness.

Neat provocation, SEOUL CLASSY look suggested by Hera
A red color that removes cumbersome elements and pursues style rather than flashiness.
Our unique, unartificial red that is formal yet elegant, with hugging power and elegance coexisting.


Capacity: 3.5g

How To Use
Apply lightly from the inside of the lips to create a smudging lip with natural color.
You can create full lips with a strong presence by applying several coats to the entire inside of the lip line.

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