HERA Signia Youth Firming Eye Cream

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A resilient eye cream that makes the entire face look younger by providing a more youthful eye area.

Skin vitality, Narsys Stem-Code Active™

Narcissus Stem-Code Active™, which contains the micro-active ingredients of Narcissus plant cells, revitalizes the skin and adds vitality.

Phyto-Placenta cares for a more vibrant eye area.

Phyto-placenta, which nourishes the skin around the eyes, takes care of the eye area with more vitality.

Caffeine to give vitality to the eye area

Caffeine ingredient protects the skin from stress and gives vitality to the eye area.

Soft cream-like melting balm texture

With the texture of a melting balm that gently wraps like a cream puff, you can care for the O zone around the eyes and temples as if it were a massage.

Capacity: 30ml

How to Use
After using the serum in the morning and evening, apply evenly to the skin around the eyes. It is effective for skin care around the eyes by gently tapping the O zone around the eyes and then massaging the temples as if lifting them up.

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