Innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Treatment Essence

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A skin antioxidant treatment essence that takes care of the turnover of dull and rough skin to create transparent skin that shines uniformly from various angles.

Black Tea Peptide Activator™ A NEW black tea skin antioxidant complex with ‘black tea extract’ obtained by natural fermentation of 95% beauty green tea and 8 kinds of peptides to have strong skin antioxidant and keratin turnover care effects.

vitamin C derivatives
It is a stabilized form of vitamin C that has excellent skin antioxidant effect and helps skin brightening care.

Contains over 95% pure glutathione obtained through microbial fermentation.

Capacity: 75ml , 145ml

How to Use
STEP 1. “Skin texture + dead skin care” with cotton pad
After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and gently clean the remaining waste and dead skin cells as if wiping them off.

STEP 2. “Moisture + glow charge” by hand
Apply it to your hands and absorb it around the cheeks and forehead to care for moisture and radiance that fills the skin from the inside out.

STEP 3. “Soothing + Tone Improvement Care” with Essence Pack
After soaking the essence in a cotton pad, apply it to the area where skin irritation is felt or dryness or dullness is a concern for 3 minutes to use as a pack.

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