Innisfree Cherry Blossom Glow Jelly Cream

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A moisturizing and vitalizing jelly cream that creates moist and vibrant skin with a pink-colored moisture recharge effect.

Moisture vitality, moisture soothing care
It creates a lively skin with a moist glow like bursting water, and helps with comfortable skin care with moisture.

Jeju cherry leaf brightening care
The formula containing Jeju cherry tree leaf extract provides bright vitality.
Creams containing niacinamide help brighten the skin.

Transparent tangle jelly texture
The moisturizing jelly texture is absorbed moistly without stickiness.
It provides a refreshing finish as if the skin has been coated with moisture.


Capacity: 50ml

How to use
At the moisturizing cream stage, gently apply to face and neck.

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