Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hyaluronic Serum

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A moisture serum that instantly improves skin dryness with an instant-absorbing texture containing Green tea+HA™* and keeps the skin healthy with a stable moisture balance *Green tea (Beauty Green Tea™) extract developed solely to moisturize the skin+ absorption power A powerful moisture complex composed of hyaluronic acid with longer lasting power.

100% improvement in dryness in an instant
- The moisturizing power of the product, which is quickly absorbed into the skin as soon as applied, acts on the outside and inside of the skin, instantly solving the problem and improving skin elasticity immediately upon application!
- Improves moisture status of various skin types, from dry to oily

Capacity: 80ml


How to use

It replenishes the moisture lost by cleansing and raises the moisture level of dry and dry skin.

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