IOPE Golden Glow Face Oil

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The face oil with golden plant energy that replenishes nutrients and elasticity to your skin to make it healthy and glossy

  • Four precious golden plants’ energy (Golden Plant Drop™) ls your skin with nutrients and achieves oil balance to make your skin look glossy and healthy
    *Golden Plant Drop™: A complex of extracts from four golden plants. These four golden plants are golden avonoid, golden root, golden ex and golden needle
  •  The Panthenol content enhances your skin barrier, solves dryness caused by tightening, and improves skin elasticity for a smooth, strong skin texture.
  • IOPE Golden Glow Face Oil is a lightweight, quick-absorbing water oil which helps skin moisturize and strengthen when used with skin care products and blends.


How to use
Softener or toner → Golden Glow Face Oil → Emulsion → Essence/Serum → Eye cream

1. After applying the toner each morning and evening, drop 3 to 4 drops of IOPE Golden Glow Face Oil on the bottom of your hand. Then, rub both hands to warm the Oil.
2. Apply the oil by lightly massaging your face along the skin texture from the center of your face to the outer parts.
3. With your palm wrapped around your face, you can let the oil be absorbed and feel the fragrance of the oil at the same time.

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