IOPE Men UV Shield Sun Protector EX SPF50+/PA++++

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Sunblock for men that is lightweight and refreshing without a sticky finish.

1. Lightweight formula

Never feels sticky even after additional layers of application during exercise, and has a matte finish that is easy to wear on a daily basis.

2. Sebum absorption and pore care

The porous absorbent powder pulls in sebum to prevent oiliness and cares for pores.

3. Skin vitality care

Men’s skin shield complex, V.D booster™ revitalizes skin for men.


How to use

After your skincare routine, take enough product for immediate use on the back of your hand (coin sized amount).

Use your fingertips to gently spread the product from inside to outside starting from the forehead, nose, both cheeks, then chin. Take enough product for immediate use, then spread a thin layer over your neck from top to bottom.


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