Laneige Homme Cream Skin Refiner All In One

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It's a simple all-in-one moisturizing skin for men that instantly recharges moisture with just the skin and can skip lotions and creams.

Evolution for men's skin that lacks moisture and has a lot of sebum, skin care for men that instantly moisturizes without the need to apply lotions and creams-All-in-one skin makes it easy and convenient to use!

SECRET 1. Skin + Lotion + Cream to the next level! Easy all-in-one skin
It is a skin formula that melts a single cream as it is, and is a product that instantly replenishes moisture without the need for lotions or creams.

SECRET 2. Water skin texture without grease quickly
Sticky all-in-one is NO! It is a men's all-in-one skin that is instantly absorbed into the skin with a water skin formulation to use quickly and conveniently.

SECRET 3. Excess sebum control and pore care
It controls pores and sebum with Houttuynia cordata, which has the effect of controlling excess sebum.

Capacity: 150ml

How to use
STEP 1. After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to your palm.
STEP 2. Apply by tapping with your hand to let it absorb.

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