Laneige Lip Treatment Balm

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  • Laneige Lip Treatment Balm
  • Laneige Lip Treatment Balm
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A daily lip balm with pearlescent pearls and high-efficiency ingredients to create bright, voluptuous lips.

Recommended for

1. When lips are dry and fine lines are visible
2. When lips lack vitality

SECRET 1. Smooth and bouncy 'volume up' production

Lip balm containing adenosine and peptides cares for smooth and elastic lips

SECRET 2. Deep ‘moisture’ filling between the lips

Provides deep nutrition and moisture to dry lips with Laneige Lip Care's unique texture and coconut oil content

SECRET 3. ‘Gloss’ that shines with vitality

Pearlescent pearls reflect red light to create lively and shiny lips.

Capacity: 10g

How to Use


- Take out the built-in applicator on the lid of the lip balm and spread an appropriate amount of lip balm.
- After applying the lip balm on the applicator to the lips, spread it out.
TIP: It looks even prettier when applied with tint!

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