Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Essence Toner for Normal to Dry skin

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This puts essence and toner in a bottle to easily recharge moisture in the skin and improve it giving it a soft skin texture.

Recommended for

1.When the skin becomes flaky and tight on the inside
2.Dry and normal skin
3.When you need a moist yet non-sticky toner

SECRET 1. Super small 1/2000* Blue Hyaluronic Acid

300%** stronger barrier repair and a remarkable inner-skin moisturizing effect of 0.5kDa micro low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, 1/2000* the original size!
*1/2000 the size of hyaluronic acid: Compared the sizes of HA previously used by LANEIGE (1,000kDa) with the smallest Blue HA (0.5kDa).
**Limited to the properties of Blue Hyaluronic Acid (In-vitro comparison of normal high molecular weight HA and Blue HA)

SECRET 2. Intensive moisturizing essence toner with 81.1% Beta Pro-nol Complex™

Activating toner to enhance the skin’s natural oisturizing ability and boost the absorption of products in the following steps by replenishing the skin with moisture.
*Beta Pro-nol ComplexTM : A complex made of beta-glucan, pro-biotics** and panthenol.
**Pro-biotics: Limited to lactobacillus ferment lysate

SECRET 3. Stress-free exfoliation & skin retexturizing

The formula developed for dry and normal skin gently exfoliates flakiness to smooth and condition the skin.

Capacity: 160ml

How To Use

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount and apply to the face and neck by tapping lightly.

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