Mamonde Amazing Deep Mint Clenasing Balm

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Soothes pores, dead skin cells, sebum, and skin troubles! A sebum softening deep cleansing balm that thoroughly cleanses blackheads and heavy makeup by adding triple peeling ingredients to the three-second ingredient.

1. Soothes pores, dead skin cells, and troubles
2. Remove blackheads and mascara with oil in 3 seconds
3. Hypoallergenic vegan formula daily

Capacity: 90ml

How To Use
1. Take an appropriate amount of the contents in dry hands and gently massage on dry face to dissolve impurities.

2. It is even more effective if you use a pore brush to roll over the area with problematic pores!

3. Add water and go through an emulsification process to intensively cleanse the pores and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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