Mamonde Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream

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Hypoallergenic deep-hydration moisture barrier cream for a healthy skin barrier from within with double care of floral biotics™ and 7-layer ceramide

Ceramide Intense Cream  has been upgraded as Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream  with a new design and texture.


Mask, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle...

Does your skin barrier feel weaker?

For a sensitive skin barrier Introducing the high-enriched ceramide cream, because we want to give more of what’s good for the barrier

Skin concern 

Dryness, Skin barrier sensitive


Moisturizing, Skin barrier strengthening

7-layer Ceramide 

Moisturizing, Skin barrier strengthening

two functions of the skin barrier  

1. InSide : Skin ecosystem barrier (outermost layer of skin) 

soothe skin against irritated skin Keeping skin moist and healthy looking

2. Outside : Skin moisturizing barrier (stratum corneum) 

Protection against loss of moisture and nutrients Keeping skin moist


7-layer Ceramide 

7 types of ceramides for inner-skin moisturizing barrier care

Floral Biotics™ 

Improves the outer-skin ecosystem barrier & the skin’s natural energy

( *Pre-, pro- and post-biotics added with moisturizing ingredient derived from hibiscus)

*Contains lactobacillus ferment lysate

Capacity: 60ml

How to Use

At the emulsion step of your skincare routine in the morning and the evening, take an appropriate amount and gently spread along the texture of the facial skin

Recommended for

  • Those whose skin is irritated by wearing a face mask, stress and/or other external factors 
  • Those whose skin barrier is weakened 
  • Those worried about inner-skin dryness and tightening 
  • Those who want a deep moisturizing solution that  doesn’t feel sticky 
  • Those who prefer a mild product that’s not irritating on the skin 
  • Those whose skin flakiness stands out after putting on makeup
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