Re:NK Cell Recovery Velvet Ampoule Cushion

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Velvet ampoule cushion that provides an elegant ampoule luster with the vitality of passionflower seed oil as it is.

- Innovative velvet material contains the vitality of noble passionflower, giving you an elegant ampoule luster as if you have just used an ampoule.
- Clockflower seed oil, which contains energy condensed for beautiful flowers to bloom overnight, enhances the skin's natural strength.
- Aqua green ve

lvet, which has strong moisture absorption, replenishes moisture into the skin with a moisture plumping effect.
- It has a moisture-rich texture that feels like water bursting and provides a soft adhesion to the skin without clumping.

Capacity: 14g + 14g (refill)

How to Use
1. Open the lid by holding the upper and lower parts of the container.
2. Remove the plastic cover attached to the mirror on the front of the open cap.
3. When the purple inner cap is opened, the velvet side with the contents is revealed.
4. With both hands, place 4 fingers on the floor and press the protruding part with your thumb to pump 4 to 5 times.
5. When pumping, the contents rise up in the shape of a star on the velvet yarn. Take the contents discharged with the puff evenly.
6. Apply the taken contents by tapping evenly on the face, and re-apply 2-3 more times on the areas where you want a meticulous cover.
7. When makeup correction is necessary, re-apply the velvet cushion evenly from time to time.
8. When not in use, place the puff on the purple inner cap and close the lid.

[How to replace the refill]
If the contents no longer come out when you press the container, please replace it with the built-in refill. (Use of one container: 45 to 50 days, based on 1 to 2 pumps per time)
1. Press the bottom of the container with two thumbs.
2. When you hear a click, remove the container from the container.
3. Fit the refill container and fit it into the container.

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