Re:NK Cell To Cell Eye Cream

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  • Re:NK Cell To Cell Eye Cream
  • Re:NK Cell To Cell Eye Cream
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Intensive eye solution cream with 1 million real cells that gives confidence around the eyes that shine clearly from any angle

Confident glowing eyes
Once in the invisible depths around the eyes, and once more in the visible skin.
Double care effect provided by Real Cell

Luxurious feeling of use on the skin around the eyes
It provides a luxurious fitting feeling that can be felt on the skin around the eyes with a thick and chewy touch and a rolling texture with close adhesion.

Capacity: 35ml

How to Use
1. Stand up the massager so that the ceramic ball touches the skin and draw a circle around the eyes (repeat 3 times).

2-1. Lay down the applicator so that the gold roller touches the skin, press it forcefully, and roll it either by sweeping diagonally around the eyes.
2-2. Roll it in a straight line by applying force along the eyebrow line from the inside of the eye to the outside and from the outside to the inside.
2-3. Sweep the front of the eyes and the tail of the eyes as if pulling them up from the bottom.

3. Using the tip of the massager, gently press down on the recessed areas around the eyes to feel a strong force to finish.

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