Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

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A skin caring cushion that settles comfortably on your skin, creating a perfect, flawless look


Perfect Coverage

The soft, elastic, high-cover texture makes skin flawless by covering brown spots and blemishes—as well as pores and fine wrinkles—upon application with just a few touches.
95% satisfaction with overall coverage*
* Survey Agency: LEENOA COMPANY │Survey Period: 2021.3.22-28 (HUT for 7 days)│ Survey Subjects: 40 Korean luxury cushion users ages 28-39


Perfectly Comfortable

Thin application provides long-lasting skin-breathable, comfortable, closely adhering makeup.
24-hour cover/radiance/moisture*
90% comfortable feeling even after wearing makeup**
* Test Agency : Global Medical Research Center │ Test Period : 2021.2.15-18 │ Test Subjects: 31 Korean women ages 20-30
** Survey Agency: LEENOA COMPANY │Survey Period: 2021.3.22-28 (HUT for 7 days) │ Survey Subjects: 40 Korean luxury cushion users ages 28-39


Completion of the perfect style

Try Perfecting Cushion inspired by women’s elegant, sophisticated daily look.
Ivory color associated with a classic blouse, elegant lateral silhouette, splendid gold-toned metal material associated with minimal jewelry, and intricately imprinted brand logo provide a modern mood matching with a simple daily look.
* Due to the production processing used to enhance the characteristics of pure metal material, there may be metal texture marks on the surface of the product.
** After use, keep the cover of refill tightly closed for storage.

Puff for the perfect makeup

The soft, elastic puff provides an adhering feeling to the hand as well as highly adhering makeup to skin.
It can apply a small amount of makeup evenly on skin around the nose and eyes prone to wrinkle trapping and provide neat touch-up makeup on skin around the mouth.
Softly applying feeling 100%*
Good adhering feeling 95%*
* Survey Agency: LEENOA COMPANY │Survey Period: 2021.3.23-29 (HUT for 7 days) │ Survey Subjects: 40 Korean luxury cushion users ages 28-39

Perfect Color Shade

With 10 customized color solutions based on brightness and saturation,
choose the shade closest to your natural skin tone for a natural finish.


Capacity: 15g + 15g (refill)

How to Use


At the time of applying foundation, take an appropriate amount with a puff, spread it along the skin texture, and gently pat your face. For areas that need delicate coverage, add another thin layer with the puff.

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