Sum37 Bright award Bubble-De Mask Black

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It is a wash-off type mask that cleanses the skin by emitting fine waste bubbles and pollutants. A mask containing NAPS (N-Acetylphytosphingosine), an excellent fermentation ingredient, and AcaiBerry, which makes skin transparent and vibrant.

The secret of refreshing deep cleansing Black Complex™
Fine bubbles are added to Black Complex™ to help deep and cleanse deeply.

Black Quinoa with excellent skin soothing effect
The black tea ingredients soothe the skin with mild irritation.

Brightening mask for bright skin tone
Micro Fermented Pearl Protein™ and Cytosis® meet to help brighten.

Capacity: 100ml

How to use

After cleansing, pump the container and apply the pack thickly with a thickness of about 2mm to the entire face except the eyes, then rinse cleanly with lukewarm water after 5-7 minutes.

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