Belif Problem Solution vegan Spot Gel

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Product Features
A night-time vegan spot gel suitable for use on acne-prone skin. Contains retinal and BHA ingredients and quickly treats developing spots. Contains TotaneolTM and Napier's Formula T to help with trouble* care.
*Trouble factors: dead skin cells, sebum, dryness, irritation
※Certified by the Korea Vegan Certification Institute

Additive-free ingredients
*10 additive-free*:
Animal-derived ingredients, synthetic organic pigments (tar pigments), synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, PEG-based surfactant, silicone oil, styrene-based polymer, paraffin wax, petrolatum, 4 types of parabens (methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, propyl paraben) Paraben)

Capacity: 15ml

How To Use
In the last step of evening skin care, apply a small amount thinly to areas of skin concern. (Excluding the area around the eyes and lips) For large problem areas such as cheeks and chest, mix moisturizer and spot gel in a 2:1 ratio and apply a thin layer.
*Before first use, test on the skin on the inside of your arm and if there are no abnormalities, use on your face.
*When using for the first time, use as much as half a grain of rice with a diameter of about 3mm.
*Recommended to use 3 times a week, and can be used daily after the skin adapts.

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