Holiday Notice - Lunar New Year’s Day (Jan 24~Jan 27, 2020)

We will be in holiday for Lunar New Year’s Day from Jan 24 to 27 (4 days) and be back to work on Jan 28.

It usually takes 3~4 days for us to prepare the shipment after your order, so all orders by January 19 in Seoul time (GMT +9) would be shipped before the holiday. If you have something to purchase in mind from our store, please hurry!

Shipping for orders from Jan 20 would start on Jan 28.

You can shop and order from our site during the holidays, but please understand that the shipment will resume from Jan 28. We'll try to ship fast as soon as we get back to work.

Thanks a lot for your understanding!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us to Or contact us through our Facebook.

1 / 19 / 2020

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