Hanyul Baek Hwa Goh Anti-Aging Eye Cream

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Anti-aging cream that improves deep wrinkles that cares not only for the eyes, but also for wrinkles on the forehead, forehead, and arms of the representative wrinkles that are deepened by aging.

Skin aging 4Deep Wrinkle Distress Relief Cream

Over the years, the eyes, forehead, forehead, and arm areas Wrinkles deepen.
Baekhwago Eye Cream is designed to help deepen wrinkles It improves strongly.

Whitening anti-aging ingredients and Enzyme-treated ginseng saponins

Baekhwago ingredients with elasticity improvement Enzyme-treated ginseng saponins that have elasticity enhancing effects Helps to make skin elastic.


How to use

Take the right amount at the end of the basic care Focusing on areas of concern for wrinkles, including the eye area Apply gently so that the contents are well absorbed, Tap lightly with your fingertips for absorption.

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