HANYUL Geuk jin Eye Cream

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Anti-aging cream that improves deep wrinkles that cares not only for the eyes, but also for wrinkles on the forehead, forehead, and arms of the representative wrinkles that are deepened by aging.

The more precious fermented ginseng micro capsule The stiff eye cream gently fills the elasticity of the skin around the eyes Highly concentrated, high nutrition, high elasticity anti-aging eye cream

1. Enhancing skin elasticity to provide powerful beauty

The thickened fermented ginseng ingredients are gently absorbed Firmly tightens the elasticity of the skin around the distracting eyes, The crushed ginseng formulation adheres to the wrinkles around the eyes It is an eye cream that finishes smoothly.

2. A lustrous beauty full of nutrition

Rapeseed on the skin with rape honey ingredients It is filled with nutrients, and the healthy natural shine that is visible I will deliver it.

3. Skin soothing filled with moisture

Ginseng water ingredient easily comes to skin aging Trim the skin texture with keratin on dryness, Moisturizes the skin and gives a healthy complexion
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