HANYUL Nature In Life Sheet Mask

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Point 1. Comfortable skin care with natural ingredients of mint, mugwort, rice and frost.

Point 2. Daily sheet mask for gentle care with good ingredients.

Point 3. 100% cellulose fabric containing microfiber yarn contains rich essence, thin and gently adheres to the skin and delivers active ingredients well, intensive care for the skin.

23ml * 10 Sheets

Efficacy by Options

1. Mentha_Trouble Calming

A sheet mask that contains peppermint and centella extract to control excessively released sebum and soothes troubled skin such as dryness.


2. Pure Artemisia_Watery Calming

A sheet mask that replenishes dry and tired skin with young mugwort grown in Ganghwa and delivers comfortable soothing.


3.Red Rice_Skin-Defending Hydration

A red sheet fermented thickened fermented cultivation that has been fermented twice in Yeoju is a sheet mask that delivers rich moisture and skin protection to dry skin.


4.Seo Ri Tae_Intensive

A creamy formulation sheet mask that fills the skin with deep nutrients and moisturizing and protects the skin from frosty fermentation mucus that has been fermented in Yeongwol.


How to use

1. After cleansing, fix the skin texture with toner.

2. Take out the sheet mask and paste it from top to bottom based on both eyes.

3. After taking a rest for about 10-20 minutes, remove the sheet and absorb the remaining contents on the skin.


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