HANYUL Yuja Oil Sheet Mask

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Natural fermented citron water ™ to replenish skin energy and “citron peel oil”, which adds healthy shine to dry skin, delivers citron water and oil sheet masks that bring happiness to the tip of the nose.

Natural Fermented Citron Water ™ 20ml

Natural fermented citron water ™, which adds energy to tired and tired skin, is packed in the upper pouch.
Check out the natural fermented citron water ™ in a transparent pouch.

Citron peel oil 4 ml

The bottom pouch is filled with citron peel oil to create a moisturizing film.
Fold out the oil bag and mix the natural fermented citron water ™ and citron peel oil.

24ml * 5 Sheets

How to use


Fold citron oil at the bottom twice.

Press the folded part firmly with both hands to explode, and push the citron oil to the seat.

Mix well with yuzu and oil and rub it in a circle to permeate the sheet evenly.

Take out the sheet, stick it on your face and remove it after 15-20 minutes.

[Important] Please tap the leftovers on your skin to absorb them sufficiently. The citron oil barrier remains thin, giving your skin a comfortable, moisturizing stay overnight.

It is used as a special care once a week.

It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week when your skin is very tired.

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