Innisfree Forest For Men All-In-One Essence

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3 types of all-in-one essence for various men’s skin concerns

Simply apply after washing your face to get the effect of skin + lotion + essence!
All-in-one care that solves the functions of skin + lotion + essence at once without the need for multiple applications, and completes moisture supply + moisture barrier protection + concern care effects with just one pump.

1. Forest for Men Pore Care All-in-One Essence
Pore care essence that takes care of shiny pores and excess sebum
Non-sticky, refreshing moisture gel type formula

2. Forest for Men Anti-Aging All-in-One Essence
An anti-aging essence that takes care of wrinkle concerns and dull skin tone.
Milky gel-type formula with a nutritious feel

3. Forest for Men Sensitive All-in-One Essence
A soothing essence for sensitive skin that soothes skin stressed by external stimulation.
Milky moisture gel type formula that is refreshingly absorbed

Capacity: 100ml

How To Use
After washing your face, pump 1-2 times and spread the contents evenly over your face.

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