Innisfree Vitamin C 23 Ampoule

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Whitening ampoule that contains 23% pure vitamin C and brightens the skin.

Capacity: 15ml

How to use

1. When using pure vitamin C products for the first time, you may feel a slight tingling.
2. It is normal to feel warm when it comes in contact with your skin.
3. Do not use after acne extrusion or dermatology procedures as strong irritation may be felt.
4. Vitamin C is recommended to be used twice a day in the morning and in the evening, and it is recommended to pay attention to UV protection in the morning.
5. Do not use with products containing chemical exfoliating ingredients such as AHA, BHA, and retinol. (Make sure there are no ingredients that will be irritating when using the first step products such as cleanser and skin.)
6. The recommended period of use for True Care Vitamin C Ampoule is 2 months after opening.
One of the characteristics of vitamin C is that it is vulnerable to light and air and oxidizes rapidly. It is a stabilized product to some extent, but there is a possibility of oxidation.

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