Laneige Radian-C Vitamin Spot Ampoule

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Spot correcting ampoule, empowered by Radian-C 3x blend™ with powerful antioxidant effect, helps eliminate dark spots and gives a more radiant complexion

Recommended for

1.If you want to reduce dark spots
2.If you want a brighter skin tone
3.If you want antioxidant skincare with low irritation

SECRET 1. Radian-C 3x Blend™

17.6% Pure Vitamin C +
Vitamin C Derivative +
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3

SECRET 2. Triple Blemish Care

All-in-one care for clear and bright skin:
Blemishes, skin texture and skin clarity level

SECRET 3. 400% greater anti-oxidation effects*

Radian-C Ampoule and Radian-C Cream provides 5 skin improvement benefits:
Antioxidant effect-reduced pigmentation-improved skin texture-reduced redness**-improved moisture level
*Based on anti-oxidation test results (DPPH assay, in vitro test)
**Relief of temporary redness caused by external factors

Capacity: 10g

How To Use

1. Apply a drop of Radian-C Ampoule on each cheek
2. Absorb the ampoule from inside out across the entire face while avoiding the eye and mouth area
3. Apply an adequate amount of Radian-C Cream and gently absorb it across the entire face

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