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An anti-aging wrinkle serum that offers a definite wrinkle care effect of the high-content retinol ingredient

Our research to stabilize retinol began in 1994. We have applied for 25 patents in Korea (registered 20) and 22 overseas patents (registered 14), published 10 SCI entries, presented at 17 international conferences, won six external awards, evaluated 500 skin- friendly ingredients, and reported 67 skin-friendliness evaluations. IOPE now proposes the 10th generation of its retinol.

New content found at the end of professional research

We have consistently upgraded the retinol stabilization technology since 1997 and discovered high-content retinol to take intensive care of wrinkles.

Keeping the effect until the last drop

The effect is maintained until the very last drop of this product through a three-stage oxygen barrier system that prevents oxidation of retinol by light and air.

Definite wrinkle care effect shown in just two weeks

This product offers a definite wrinkle care effect in the three major anti-aging categories (wrinkle, firmness, density) in just two weeks.

Capacity:0.1%(30ml), 0.2%(30ml), 0.3%(20ml)

How to Use


STEP 01.Grab the ring long to remove it. (If the ring cannot be removed easily, slightly turn the cap to loosen it.)
STEP 02.Turn the cap counterclockwise until the end to bore the inside and attach the inner cap.
STEP 03. Turn in the opposite direction to open the cap.
※ After opening for the first time, open and close the cap lightly.

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