IOPE Retinol Super Bounce Serum

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Daily retinol serum that completes density and elasticity with retinol 4X

Retinol and retinoid quadruple compound synergy improves density and elasticity and improves various signs of skin aging
Strengthens the skin barrier and supplies nutrients to maintain the built-up density and elasticity so that the layered elasticity does not easily collapse.

Completed skin compatibility test
Dermatological test completed
Sensitive skin primary irritation test completed
Hypoallergy test completed

Independently developed wrinkle-whitening dual-functional retinoid ingredient.
TYPE4 Promotes collagen production. Quick activation without conversion process

Prevents loss of skin layer elasticity caused by factors that inhibit elasticity. Quick activation without conversion process

Anti-aging hero ingredient proven to have various effects such as improving elasticity and moisture barrier.
IOPE was launched as a cosmetic product in 1997. Acts on the skin through a conversion process

Encapsulating pure retinol in a capsule, the elasticity care effect lasts longer.
When it encounters skin enzymes, pure retinol is released from the capsule and then goes through a conversion process again to act.

Capacity: 50ml

How To Use
When using serum in the morning and evening, pump an appropriate amount 1-2 times and gently spread over the entire face to be absorbed.
In the morning, be sure to apply sunscreen as the last step of basic skin care to protect your skin.

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