Laneige Homme Blue Energy Essence in Lotion EX

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Anti-aging essence-in-lotion that treats the four signs of stressed skin and provides intensive care to create clean and supple skin

Recommended for

1.Looking for a mild product
2.Skin lacking firmness
3.Irritated skin requiring soothing

SECRET 1.Upgrading Youthful Force™

With 75.8% of clean water from the depths of the ocean and spirulina extract known for strong vitality, it revitalizes the skin

SECRET 2.4X Multi Function

It keeps men’s skin clean and healthy through intensive care for four problems: lack of moisture, dull complexion, loss of firmness and fine wrinkles

SECRET 3.Smooth texture and refreshing scent

Its smooth dewy texture and citrus spicy fragrance give a nice refreshing feel every time it’s applied

Capacity: 125ml

How to Use

STEP 1.After using a skin toner in the morning and the evening, take a suitable amount on the palm.
STEP 2.Apply it on the face and the neck by lightly tapping.

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