Laneige Homme Blue Energy Skin Toner EX

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Anti-aging skin toner that hydrates and calms down men’s skin

Contains 74.9% of deep sea water
74.9% of deep sea water that makes men’s skin clear.

Gel type toner for easy application
Gel-typed formula that does not flow when applying.

After shaving care
Calms down and smoothens shaved skin.

4X multi functions
It gives concentrated care for the main skin stress factors of men, especially the lack of moisture, lack of vitality, elasticity degradation, and wrinkles.

Upgrading Youthful Force™ makes skin clean and healthy
The deep sea water that adds vitality to the skin and the essence of the spirulina extract that has maintained a strong vitality for a long time, give a healthy and clean skin for men.


How to Use

STEP 1. Take an adequate amount onto the palms after washing your face in the morning and evening,

STEP 2. Apply it on the face and the neck by lightly tapping.

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