Laneige Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water

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Sub-acidic cleansing water that completely removes even waterproof makeup and keeps the pores clean, feeling refreshed

Recommended for
- Sensitive skin prone to trouble
- For simple cleansing routine to reduce skin irritation
- To keep the skin moisturized after cleansing

SECRET 1. Triple Micellar technology for perfect makeup removal

- With Triple Micellar technology specialized for base and lip makeup and mascara removal, it completely removes even waterproof makeup

SECRET 2. Safe sub-acidic no-wash cleanser

- It is a safe sub-acidic cleansing water free of PEG and 10 chemicals, and does not require washing with water

SECRET 3. Peppermint extract for clean pores

It is a lightweight moisturizing cleansing water with peppermint extract to keep the pores clean and feeling refreshed


How to use

'Leave a refreshing feeling like water after removing makeup!
Dispense an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad and gently wipe skin clean in the direction of skin texture.
To remove point makeup, steadily press the area with cotton pad for 5 seconds and wipe off.

* You may choose to use a no-wash cleanser that doesn’t require additional facial cleansing with water or wash the face with lukewarm water if necessary as a finishing touch.

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