Laneige Perfect Renew Youth Regenerating Eye Cream

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Anti-aging, highly moisturizing eye cream for wrinkle improvement that fills the eye area with energy to make it firm and vibrant.

SECRET 1. Skin energy supply
Energy glyco
'Energy Glyco', a sugar condensed in the roots of flowering ginger growing in the wild, supplies energy to the skin.

SECRET 2. Strengthening elasticity
90% pure French tripeptide
French tripeptide enhances the skin's elasticity to create smooth and elastic young skin

SECRET 3.Antioxidant Bomb
Super Berry Complex
Acerola and acai berry extracts are added to Laneige's proprietary *silicium capture technology to stabilize antioxidants for enhanced antioxidant effect

Capacity: 20ml

How to use
1. Use the built-in exclusive spatula to take an appropriate amount.
2. Apply lightly with your ring finger along the eyes, then pat it to absorb.

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