Laneige Perfect Renew Youth Retinol Pro

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A retinol cream for the entire face contains pure retinol with 95% purity to provide relief for the appearance of both pores and wrinkles in just 7 days

Recommended for

1.When you find noticeable pores
2.Loss of skin elasticity makes your face appear bigger
3.If your makeup gets stuck between wrinkles
4.If your skin does not recover even after a good night's sleep

SECRET 1. Pure Retinol

95% purity retinol promotes collagen production to reduce the appearance of the depth/length/area of wrinkles

SECRET 2. French tripeptide

French tripeptide lifts and increases elasticity of saggy chin line and cheek areas

SECRET 3. 5D Hyaluronic Acid

5D hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin from deep within to boost skin elasticity

Capacity: 15ml / 30ml

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