Laneige Phyto Betaine Hydrating & Oil Control Ampoule

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Weaning healing fluid control ampoule that replenishes essential moisture to the skin and balances oil and moisture

Recommended for

1. Oily skin lacking moisture
2. Skin with excessive sebum
3. Skin that needs oil-moisture balance

SECRET 1. Phytobetaine ampoule with efficacy for water.

Efficacy of phytobetaine, which has 210% higher water retention than general amino acids (taurine)

SECRET 2. High content of squalane oil that replenishes the skin's essential moisture

Weaning healing ampoule contains high content of betaine and vegetable oil squalane, which are moisturizing ingredients, to replenish essential moisture to the skin so that excessive sebum does not occur.

SECRET 3. Refreshing feeling of use reflecting the needs of all marketers

Absorption power and finish made by referring to everyone's marketer reviews and surveys, and a soft feeling without stickiness after being absorbed with the desired fit of the skin.

Capacity: 50ml

How To Use

After washing your face, use it as a water toner in the first step of skin care.
In the last step of skin care before going to bed, layer it on your skin several times and use it as a sleeping ampoule.

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