Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Classic

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Triple elasticity anti-aging cream strengthened by the skin's self-renewing power of the active beauty saponin GINSENOMICS™

A powerful anti-aging cream that maintains the triple elasticity effect of filling, erecting, and pulling.

Sulwhasoo No.1 anti-aging cream evolved with stronger efficacy

GINSENOMICS™, which concentrates the vitality of ginseng 6,000 times

GINSENOMICS™ is a powerfully active beauty saponin that has been concentrated over 6,000 times* by selecting only the rare ginseng saponin that relieves skin aging. GINSENOMICS™, which does not collapse with its strong self-renewal power, penetrates deep into the skin to increase the skin's self-renewal power. It makes the skin firm enough to not be shaken by external stimuli.

24 hour elasticity maintenance effect

100% feeling of elasticity on the skin
98% of skin lifting feeling
100% feeling that fills the inside of the skin

Elastic texture with rich nutrition

It gently envelops the skin the moment it is applied with rich nourishment.
The texture is full of nutrition and elasticity, and the subtle scent of ginseng gives you a comfortable and positive mood.


Capacity: 30ml, 60ml

How to Use

In the morning and evening cream stages, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture of the face.

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