Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water EX

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Elastic anti-aging skin that creates firm skin with the skin's self-renewing power of the active beauty saponin GINSENOMICS™

GINSENOMICS™, which concentrates the vitality of ginseng 6,000 times

GINSENOMICS™ is a powerfully active beauty saponin that has been concentrated over 6,000 times* by selecting only the rare ginseng saponin that relieves skin aging.
GINSENOMICS™, which does not collapse with its strong self-renewal power, penetrates deep into the skin to increase the skin's self-renewal power.
It makes the skin firm enough to not be shaken by external stimuli.

Steamed ginseng water enhanced by 150%

Concentrated Ginseng Water EX contains steamed ginseng water™, which contains the rich moisture and nutrients of ginseng.
Steamed Ginseng Water™, formulated with Sulwhasoo’s technology and sincerity, is enhanced to 150% of its predecessor, providing a firmer and healthier skin base.

Smooth gel-in-water texture

The elasticity of Concentrated Ginseng Water EX is felt from the fingertips. It absorbs quickly upon application and leaves a fresh finish.
Moisturizing feeling as if it is full of elasticity is maintained for a long time.

Capacity: 150ml

How to Use

In the morning and evening cream stages, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture of the face.



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